Diary of a Synesthete
I never fully explained my synesthesia. Here goes. Best I can do.

I have Sound->Color/Texture, Number->Personality (the colors are usually influenced by the personality), and Light/Motion->Sound, which usually manifests itself through colors around me.

Shades of green and yellow are the nicest. Greens are a fine blend of soft tones (voices? instruments?) , but it’s like there are so many that it’s loud, depending on the shade of green. Trees sound beautiful because of the movement and extremely varying shades of green. I work in a kitchen and some of the fresh spices are very vocal. Sometimes I have to cover them up, put them away, or otherwise get them out of my field of view or they get distracting.

Yellows are similarly voiced, but each voice has a more “diamond-saw” edge. It’s not unpleasant. It is more direct and focused than the ethereally huge greens, but contains the same energy. Yellow sounds aren’t as varied as green sounds.

Red is just unpleasant. It doesn’t make very loud noise unless it’s really vivid and then it burns. They aren’t distracting because they are repulsive. Soft reds are quiet and don’t make any noise at all.

Blues are similar to greens, but kinder and much softer. I’ve never met a distracting blue.

It’s been a while, but I’m back.

My light/color -> sound/emotion is getting stronger.  It’s almost intrusive now.  Some days right after it rains I can’t go outside without sunglasses on to mute the color.  I think the more at peace with myself I am, the stronger my synesthesia.

The sound and emotion controls my entire mind and soul.  Everything else is nothing.  

Which is fucking amazing, until I’m trying to talk to a student and it happens.  

Also, transition glasses are just brilliant.  When I see through them a few seconds after I walk outside, I’m just fine.  

I can’t be in the same room with parsley.

It’s very distracting and very loud.  My eyes are drawn to it because it sounds so exquisitely beautiful and I start to get emotional.  Lemons are equally intrusive and the opposite of exquisitely beautiful.